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DevOps / Cloud Evangelist

August 16, 2021
Full Remote in Europe
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About us

Cycloid is a simple and non-intrusive DevOps framework, available in SaaS and on-premise modes, that optimizes people's use of technology and the cloud. We help teams work smarter together, regardless of skillset, all the while ensuring governance and maintaining flexibility. We already contribute to numerous IT services across Europe. We help numerous IT departments in companies across Europe with their DevOps rollout and optimization.

We strongly believe in:

  • Open source - we contribute, develop, and release open source technologies
  • The teal organizational model - ensure scalability WITH people and not OVER them
  • Full informational transparency on every topic

We are 40 passionate Europeans from 7 countries and have doubled our revenue and the team every year. We raised €4.5M in funding in 2019, allowing us to speed up development. 

One goal: to make our DevOps framework the leading DevOps tool in the world


Your challenge

As a 100% flat company, we provide a working environment for everyone to contribute in their best way. You join the team in our Paris office, or in remote from Ile de France to be the first Pre-sales Solution Architect in Europe for Cycloid.

You have a leadership role in the organization.

You are the product ambassador, promoting the technologies and Cycloid, both as a product and as an organization.

For you “Evangelism isn't just a job title, it's a way of life”.


You are convinced of what Open Source brings to both technology and improvement. You are a collaborative individual: the team means the world to you! You have a style that allows you to attract others during conversations. You like to forge relationships and teams. You are well versed in conferences, articles, blog posts, events, etc

Your essential skills: 

  • A deep knowledge and understanding of DevOps, both techs and organizations
  • Terraform, Concourse and Ansible have no more secrets
  • Convictions
  • Empathy, accessibility and warmth 
  • Trust and loyalty 
  • Openness 
Recruitment process

Our Recruitment process follows 4 steps:

  • HO meeting with Alexandra or Paul
  • Use case reviewed by the team 
  • Cycloid Demo
  • Final discussion with the team
  • HO meeting with Benjamin

Send whatever you see fit at:

Cycloid is committed to having equal opportunities for everyone!


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