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Software Engineer Frontend VueJs / Backend Go EMEA
  • Cycloid
  • Software Engineer Frontend VueJs / Backend Go EMEA
  • 3rd June 2019
  • On-site in Paris or in remote on EMEA
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About us

We cherish empowerment of our collaborators, so as a company we provide a working environment that allows each and everyone to contribute in their best way.


Our purpose: we want to simplify DevOps and Cloud adoption, empower people (dev, ops, project manager, CTO) to focus on what matters.


Our goal is to simplify the work of people who have some unbelievable challenges ahead.


Cycloid team works on three connected activities:


- we develop a DevOps platform which integrates a service catalogue, a continuous integration, continuous delivery container pipeline, logs centralisation and tracking price.

- we provide services on AWS as your DevOps team: Design / Audit / Build / Migrate / Managed Services / DevOps As A Service

- we co-develop Cloud-ready application on GO / Vuejs with our customers.


We are splitting the work between people who have the same skills because to break the monotony, share the knowledge and avoid that we get bored when we have to work on non-fancy things.


We develop and test our code, we don’t have people dedicated to writing tests, we believe that the same people who implement features, fix bugs, etc, must implement the tests. We do code reviews, we don’t merge into mainstream any substantial code without being reviewed and approved.


For all the above reasons we are a teal organization. What does it mean?


Everyone at Cycloid meets once every quarter at our headquarter in France to define collectively the strategy/road map/features for the coming quarter. Then, everyone defines their own agenda and priorities that to achieve his own goal.


We are fully transparent on revenues, salaries and believe that everybody should have the same variable plan.


We take the time that we need to build useful products and provide great services.


You are a passionate software engineer, which is the most important, with several years of experience crafting software, would be better, and with:


- at least one year of experience in web frontend development and with a good understanding of the architecture of the web applications, Javascript and DOM API. Our current development is with VueJS, but we believe that if you understand the web and you have experience developing web applications, you should be able familiar with it without any problem in a few weeks.


- broad experience in back-end development and HTTP APIs. Preferably, you have some experience with Go or it doesn't look weird to you, knowledge of distributed systems and simplicity and familiar with the UNIX philosophy.


We are splitting the work 50% Frontend 50% Backend to break the monotony.


But what is really important is that we are looking for more than just a developer.


We are looking for a person who can build with us new features, can bring some new ideas on what could be a great DevOps platform to simplify the work of users. If you don't have any ideas, it will be a challenge because we don't have a product manager and we are trying to work without it due to our culture. We want to empower people.


You are, of course, a team player and know how to work in remote even if you can work at Cycloid office in Paris if you are in Paris. You can decide to work on remote wherever you are located but all the organization is in an asynchronous manner, keeping a good team culture through Slack and conference meetings.


You have adequate written and oral communication skills in English, any others languages would be a plus.


Cycloid is committed to having equality between women and men. In that way, we strongly encourage women's application. 


What do we expect that you send to us?


Your CV or a LinkedIn profile or a personal website where we can know more about your professional experience. If you have relevant public open source contributions, then you have a huge plus; your contributions to open source projects, created by you or by others, are very important for us, however because you may have quite a few contributions, send us a selection of them, linking the repositories of the projects, the relevant issues and pull/merge requests that you have contributed implementing, reporting, commenting and/or reviewing.

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