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Our approach

Brilliant people working together produce awesome outcomes. We believe in helping people contribute to projects and technologies in a smarter, easier way. 

We created Cycloid to solve the problems we’ve faced ourselves and the problems we’ve seen our clients facing. We aim to empower everyone involved in software development by giving them the structure they need while maintaining freedom they want.





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DevOps framework


TERRACOGNITA, the reverse Terraform, lets you accelerate the adoption of best practice Infra as Code.

TerraCognita allows you to automatically generate infra as code Terraform for your manually-created infrastructures. Save time and maintain best practice when generating infrastructure as code for your existing infrastructures.

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INFRAVIEW provides up-to-date visibility into your infrastructure. Your whole team can see exactly what's going on.

Use InfraView to get a visual representation of the infrastructures deployed on your project's different environments and inspect the Terraform state information for each instance. The goal is simple: build bridges between teams by providing maintenance-free and up-to-date diagrams that everyone can understand.

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STACKCRAFT, the cloud designer, simplifies Infrastructure as Code generation and helps ensure best practice.

StackCraft is a cloud designer that lets you drag and drop cloud services and generate infra as code on the fly. Whether you want to draft a solution from scratch or reuse/modify an existing one, StackCraft speeds up Infrastructure as Code adoption by making the process easier while maintaining best practice.

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STACKS ensure flexible deploys while maintaining governance.

A stack is a generic definition that covers infrastructure, configuration management, and pipeline: Terraform, Ansible, and Concourse. Ensure best practice by creating a catalog of stacks that fit your needs and using them consistently across projects and teams. You can store open-source collections of stacks - called catalog repositories - on your git repository. This gives you version control and enables reusability and factorization. Soon you’ll be able to use your catalog repositories in the command line, giving you an open-source way to simplify new stack creation.

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STACKFORMS allow users to choose environment variables from a pre-approved list.

StackForms conceals brains and beauty. Behind an attractive, easy-to-use dropdown menu is a powerful tool offering environment configuration variables that have already been chosen and approved by your DevOps engineers and systems architects. Users are free to create environments independently, but DevOps retains governance and compliance at all times.

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Concourse: our managed CI/CD pipeline lets you orchestrate anything and make it visible to everyone.

Orchestrate everything through our managed Open Source Concourse pipelines, including visually intuitive and fully configurable real-time monitoring of your CI/CD workflows. Provide a visual representation of the overall process and display detailed information for each step. Let everyone in your organization know what's going on, and provide details for interested users. Already using a CI? No problem - it will be compatible.

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Our professional services will help speed up and ease your adoption of Cycloid DevOps framework.


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Who can Cycloid help?

keep governance while maintaining flexibility
simplicity and centralization
Project Manager
Project Manager
one interface to control your entire project
help your team work efficiently towards cloud and DevOps adoption
scale your DevOps and cloud adoption
control growth and costs
flexibility for your customers without losing the governance you need
Public institutions
Public institutions
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