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Our approach

Because we’ve been in the business for some time, we develop Cycloid keeping in mind the needs and difficulties we and our clients face. We’ve faced the challenges of big organizations, the need to converge in terms of tools, access, technologies, Cloud… This led us building our framework to help structure the DevOps approach, communicate more efficiently, give visibility on processes and streamline our daily work. We eat our own food. We embrace DevOps and our framework is developed by DevOps to spread it.



Automate everything

We always aim 100% of automation while keeping critical step manually validated, in order to avoid human mistakes and make sure the configuration is known by everyone at any time.


Centralize workflows

By centralizing projects, logs, events and application deployment with a common view, we managed to eliminate historical collision when working together.



We provide stacks: a generic reusable template based on an Infra as Code approach; stacks are controlled and reproducible at any time by relying heavily on versioning and automation of their technologies.



Give access and permissions to more people to perform everyday tasks, by abstracting the logic for them thus avoid never-ending back-and-forth between teams/customers.

Best practices

Best practices

Nowadays we are facing more and more tools, as well as more and more ways of working with them. Therefore we encourage and promote best practices to ease projects management, ultimately helping save time and future evolutions.

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Accelerate Infra as Code best practices with TERRACOGNITA: the reverse Terraform

TerraCognita allows you to plug to a cloud provider account and get a complete mapping of your deployed infrastructure. We generate Infra as Code from this with a reverse Terraform approach so you can actually just run it to accelerate your Infra as Code adoption. TerraCognita is released in Open source. 

More on the TerraCognita doc



Give visibility on your infrastructure to the entire team with INFRAVIEW: your up-to-date infrastructure diagram

Use InfraView to get a visual representation of the infrastructures deployed on your project's different environments and inspect Terraform State information for each instance. The goal is simple: build bridge between teams by providing an up-to-date infrastructure diagram that everyone can understand and doesn’t have to be maintained.

Read the InfraView doc



Simplify Infra as Code generation and ensure the respect of best practices with STACKCRAFT: the Cloud designer

StackCraft is a Cloud designer that lets you visually drag and drop your Cloud services and get Infra as Code Terraform generated on the fly. Whether you want to draft a solution from scratch or reuse / modify an existing one, StackCraft accelerates the Infra as code adoption by decreasing the level of expertise needed and the respect of best practices.

Check the StackCraft doc




Ensure both deployment flexibility and governance to anyone with the SERVICE CATALOG

Service catalogs are collections of stacks, stored on your git repository. This brings you the benefits of version control and enables reusability and factorization. A stack is a generic definition that covers infrastructure, as well as configuration management and pipeline you may need: Terraform, Ansible and Concourse etc. Create a catalog of stacks, that fits your needs and apply them consistently across your projects and your team to ensure respect of best practices.

More info on our Service Catalog




Bring visibility on the deployment and orchestrate anything with Concourse: our CI/CD pipeline

Orchestrate everything through our managed Concourse pipelines, including real-time monitoring of your CI/CD workflows that are visually intuitive and fully configurable. Provide a visual representation of the overall process and display detailed information for each step. Let everyone in your organization know what's going on, and provide details for concerned users.

Learn more about our CI/CD pipelines




Relying on those methods makes things easier once your projects go live, but the work is far from being done. Thus, we provide with a set of tools to make your adoption of DevOps quicker and more secure: 

Professional services to speed up and ease the adoption phase of Cycloid DevOps framework.

Need Professional Services?

I want to dig into the details, understand how it works! Show me what’s under the hood.

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