Your DevOps team for faster Cloud adoption

Design / Audit / Build / Migrate / Managed services on AWS

Design a new Infra
 Audit a current AWS
 to get the best practices

If you need to design an infrastructure on AWS, get the best practices to develop your apps cloud ready, design a continuous integration/deployment pipeline and get a docker ready infrastructure; to do that we provide different approaches.

For small project: we will provide a diagram on presales stage that won’t be charged.

For complex infrastructure, we can provide two kinds of expertise with our AWS / Docker certified solution architect:

  • A workshop on site so we can take the time to share about your projects, challenge your ideas, discuss the feasibility of your use cases, the migration planning, gap to go on the cloud, etc.
  • An audit to understand your legacy / more traditional infrastructure, as well as your current AWS.

Build CI/CD Container pipeline
 to focus on your code

If you believe that it is not the biggest but the fastest which wins and innovates, if you believe that you need a complete pipeline from your repository (Git, Github, Bitbucket) to your production, if you believe that you should focus on your code to develop the best products and not follow the frenetic evolution of technologies, GREAT! Because we built and maintain for you a continuous integration/delivery pipeline which includes the best Open Source technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform and so on…

Migrate to AWS / Docker
 for faster Cloud adoption

Going to the Cloud such as AWS or integrate Docker in your process changes the way of thinking and doing. Our certified solutions architects on AWS and Docker will help you to do it in the right way. Our goal is to have a spotless migration, because we prefer our DevOps to focus on developing new features or to provide managed service to answer to developers needs. We will provide the best practices in term of security, scalability & high availability. The goal is simple: take the shortest path to cloud adoption.

Your DevOps team 24/7
 AWS DevOps Services

We are all coming from traditional managed services and we believe that we have to change the relation between Dev and Ops. It is only creating frustration: frustration for developers who are waiting all the time for answers; frustration for operations who do not understand sometimes why the application is designed and deployed in such a way. We completely redesigned the way of managed services to be considered as your DevOps team. We also redesigned the way of billing to get the full power of AWS, without the risk of budget explosion.


User experience is what matters most, this is why we believe that the production should face no downtime, with the fastest response time. The production environment should be the least impacted by the deploying process, while systems and applications should be the most optimised. We help companies to automate their applications release management, their framework deployment and the optimisations of systems.

 BY OVER 50 %

The worst thing to do is integrating traditional applications on the cloud and think as traditional hosting. We believe in Infrastructure As Code, as part of our application release management. We believe in Infrastructure that adapts to your needs and your audience. Lots of studies show that cloud applications use between 35% to 45% of the resources allocated. With our experience and our continuous integration/deployment pipeline, we reduce AWS cost by over 50% while you are still able to scale when you need and use what fits best for you.